EvolveSec Online | September 2021 | Shelley Leeman

The Cybersecurity Talent Gap: An EvolveSec Series, Part Two

There is a talent gap within the cybersecurity industry, and we want to help fill it. To do so, we are bringing the expertise of Chief Information Security Officers to you. In our newest EvolveSec series, we will host discussions between CISOs and InfoSec experts to learn the truth behind what’s really going on to cause this talent gap.

What you will get out of these Meetups:

1. Advice from CISOs on how to get into the cybersecurity field
2. Perspective on why there is a talent gap in the cybersecurity industry
3. A chance to ask questions to prominent members of the cyber community

About our panelists:

Humberto Gauna, vCISO, Impact Networking: Humberto’s background consists of conducting security assessments, program management, client advisory service, solution architecture, security mentorship, budget management, technology innovation, and complex deal analysis and qualification. Humberto’s passion for ensuring the security of personnel and information produces solutions that meet and exceed the basic requirements. Humberto’s experience in security leverages proven security practices from physical and personnel security and brings them in to the information security practice.

Joe Evangelisto, CISO & Director Information Security, MecuryGate International: At MercuryGate, Joe is helping to redefine their security posture and culture. He has spent over 20 years in the IT industry working his way up from system administration to managing infrastructure teams, partnering with businesses and running security. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience not only in IT but also in business and relationship management spanning government agencies, nonprofits and healthcare industries.

Juan M. Vasquez, CISM, CISA | VP - Information Security Manager | Cybersecurity & Technology Controls - Commercial Banking | JPMorgan Chase: Juan has over 10 years of experience in Information Security, Cybersecurity, IT Audit, and IT Risk and Controls. As an Information Security Manager at JPMorgan Chase, Juan is responsible for overseeing technology risk and controls aligned to the Commercial Bank. In addition to his corporate experience, Juan has served 16 years in the Military and continues to serve as an IT Operations Manager and Exercise Planner in the United States Marine Corps Reserve.

About our host:

Shelley Leeman is the Director of Talent Solutions at Evolve Security where she helps companies improve their cybersecurity posture through staffing. She spent 8+ years in the cybersecurity recruitment space in both New York City and Chicago. When she isn’t placing cybersecurity professionals, she loves walking her dog Winnie and escaping to the beach whenever possible!