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Help the next generation of cybersecurity professionals gain real work experience while securing your data.

How It Works

Evolve Security Academy provides cybersecurity assessment work pro bono for non-profits. Depending on the security needs of the organization, Evolve Security leads the engagement with the support of Evolve Security Academy students.
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Evolve Academy Students

Evolve Academy students come from diverse professional backgrounds and are passionate about cybersecurity. Students sign NDAs and approach the live assessment as if they were on the job.
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Non-Profit Partner

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should non-profits prioritize cybersecurity?

Hackers are no longer targeting large companies. They are targeting individuals and organizations that lack cybersecurity resources including not-for-profits.

Why should my organization apply to become a non-profit partner?

Non-profit organizations collect large amounts of private information from volunteers, employees, donors and their members including health information, Social Security numbers, confidential emails, employee and volunteer records, billing information, and credit card information. It is essential that non-profits have the right resources and security measures to keep their information safe from hackers. Cyber attacks are not only costly, but they can also damage the reputation and brand of organizations.

What type of cybersecurity services are offered?
  • Internal and external vulnerability assessment
  • Post-assessment remediation recommendations
  • Social engineering engagement
  • Employee email audit, assessing potential email compromise
Tom Alexander
1871 | COO
" Working with Evolve was very helpful and informative. They gave us clear, concise, and current suggestions that has allowed us to improve our security operations. We look forward to continuing to work with them in the future."
Nick Liakopulos
" The level of professionalism and work completed by Evolve Security Academy students was outstanding. We highly recommend this partnership."