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Cybersecurity Bootcamp

Evolve Security Academy has provided a significant amount of experience and exposure to topics that are not normally touched on in introductory cybersecurity training. We have learned how to use Python, Splunk, Web Application Pen Testing tools, and so much more. You will not receive a similar variety of training in other courses offered out there.

Robert Searcy
System Engineer 1 - Technical Supervisor, Entara
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

Shortly after graduating from Evolve, I landed a position as a Security Analyst. Without Evolve showing me the path I would not have been able to land this role. If you are someone looking to change career paths or gain a competitive edge in the job market, invest in yourself as I did and enroll with Evolve.

Edward Villarreal
Security Analyst, Ensono
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

Evolve Security Academy has provided the platform for eager minds to pursue a career in information security by cultivating the knowledge-base and enhancing the technical skills needed to succeed in this robust industry.  Dousing the students in many security domains such network, application, and physical security allows oneself to have a heighten curiosity in an environment that is meant to challenge students for higher growth potential. I highly recommend Evolve Security Academy for not only the experience and knowledge, but for being apart of a movement that changes what employers see as opportunity and potential.

Tajivon Wells
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

My favorite part about my experience at Evolve was the professional focus that Evolve provides. Everything we did was related to the cybersecurity industry. The lecture, the labs, and the Meetups with guest instructors gave me more information and knowledge necessary to gain expertise in the cyber security industry.

Victor Fernandez
Cyber Security Analyst, UL
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

Taking your first steps into a new career path can be a little overwhelming. Evolve Security Academy provided me the knowledge and strategy to explore that career path with confidence. The program is powered by people who are passionate about security, and it shows as you advance through the curriculum. Evolve Security Academy is one of my best personal investments and a valuable asset for any aspiring security professional.

Juan Munoz
Security Operations Engineer, iManage
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

I came in with next to zero info sec knowledge/experience and I've left feeling that I'm overqualified for the role I originally wanted. Thank you for the knowledge!!!

Ian Schlesinger
Technical Support Engineer, Box