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OSCP Bootcamp

Having a clear path, access to learning materials, and consistent support throughout  the process was awesome. Everyone in the class contributed to a fun and open learning environment.

Alex Olsen
Security Manager, Rakuten
OSCP Bootcamp

Evolve Academy helped me pass the OSCP exam by offering me insight and perspectives I could not get working by myself. With access to teachers from the industry, skilled teaching assistants, and my classmates' support, I could bounce ideas and tips off of other like-minded individuals. As someone who learns best through doing, having a cohort where we could work through hacking targets together was invaluable. It was fun to Try Smarter with my peers!

J Mo
OSCP Bootcamp

As someone who has taken the first ever Evolve OSCP bootcamp in 2021, I recommend the OSCP bootcamp as an effective preparation tool for the OSCP certification. The course reinforced a diverse range of topics that are critical for success in the OSCP exam, including network reconnaissance, web application attacks, privilege escalation, and buffer overflows. I found the instructor to be knowledgeable, experienced, and supportive, providing one-on-one mentoring and guidance throughout the course. The Evolve OSCP bootcamp also provided me with additional scenarios and exercises, which helped me develop my methodology, problem-solving skills, and critical thinking, necessary to pass the OSCP exam.

Candido Lopez
Penetration Tester, Synack Red Team
OSCP Bootcamp

The cohort is fully organized with the OSCP curriculum, so there is no need to refer back to the OSCP labs and Cyerlab labs. The instructors are very helpful and clear every doubt. The final mock exam I experienced was like a real OSCP exam and I learned where I was stuck in the exam and needed to practice by referring to video recordings.

Ramesh Sammengi
Security Consultant, Infosys
OSCP Bootcamp

I thoroughly enjoyed my time learning with the Evolve Academy. The OSCP was the second bootcamp I have done with Evolve and I would never hesitate to do another!

Derek Dunbar
IT Security Analyst, Michigan State University
OSCP Bootcamp

The curriculum was very strong and slowly built up the knowledge without throwing you in the deep end. Going through the course really expanded my knowledge and way of thinking, while also building up my confidence in each of the  topics. The instructors were great. They were always available to help no  matter what time the Slack message was sent. It was a great course, everyone in the cohort supported each other, and we really grew as a class.

Patrick O'Malley
Cybersecurity Engineer, Rise Buildings
OSCP Bootcamp

Evolve Academy’s OSCP Bootcamp’s comprehensive training program and expert guidance were instrumental in my success, and I cannot thank them enough. The OSCP exam is notoriously difficult, and I was apprehensive about taking it. However, Evolve’s hands-on approach to training and focus on practical skills gave me the confidence and the knowledge to tackle the exam head-on. The instructors were always available to answer my questions and provide me with the support I needed throughout the training. Thanks to OSCP Bootcamp, I approached the exam with a clear understanding of the concepts and the practical skills needed to pass. I am now proud to say that I have achieved my OSCP certification, and it is all thanks to Evolve Academy.

Gaspard Baye