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Check out our free cybersecurity course to acquire the knowledge necessary to enroll in the cybersecurity bootcamp. The course covers basic cybersecurity concepts and includes hands-on labs for learning fundamental cybersecurity tools.

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What Do You Get From This Course?

Technical Skills

Gain hands-on technical skills to lay the foundation for a challenging and rewarding cybersecurity career.
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Secure Personal Data

Learn how to secure your personal data and understand what it is like to work in the cybersecurity industry.
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Bootcamp Pre-requisites

Satisfy pre-requisite requirements for Evolve Security Academy 20-week Bootcamp.
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Course Structure

1. Intro to Cybersecurity

Discuss cybersecurity industry trends, review the cybersecurity landscape, and gain insights into the life of a cybersecurity professional.
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2. Linux

Learn how to navigate the file directory and become comfortable working in the command line interface syntax to prepare you for a career in cybersecurity.
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3. Networking

Understand how connections are made and how computers / systems communicate with each other because without networking and the internet, there would be no need for cybersecurity.
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4. Hacking 101

Practice common tools and processes that cybersecurity professionals use every day. Hacking tools include netcat, nmap and wireshark.
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5. Home Lab Setup

Learn how to set-up your own home lab environment so you can "tinker" on your own outside of class. Make cybersecurity your hobby!
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6. CyberLAB Access

Get access to our proprietary CyberLAB™ simulation platform that gives students an environment to learn based off real world situations encountered by the Evolve Security Team.
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