EvolveSec Online | Oct 2023 | Mohit Nehru

How I Passed My OSCP Exam: Mohit's Story

Meet Mohit Nehru, an ethical hacker for a telecom company with several sites worldwide. Mohit obtained his Bachelor’s and Master’s in Computer Technology and a Master’s in Cybersecurity. Initially, he worked as an IT (Information Technology) engineer with six or seven years of IT experience. Even so, Mohit always felt like he wanted to do something more and began looking into taking the OSCP (Offensive Security Certified Professional) exam to become a pentester.    

Evolve Security’s OSCP Bootcamp provided an organized curriculum and class structure. Since the instructors work as pentesters in the field, Mohit learned methods and how to use specific tools he could not have learned by using strictly self-paced materials. With the support of his teaching assistant and his fellow students, with whom he shared a common goal, Mohit found more motivation to continue pursuing the OSCP exam. Mohit believed Evolve’s bootcamp essential to his ability to pass the OSCP.    

As Mohit went through the bootcamp and worked full time, his wife remained very supportive. Even when he dove into the material and had some temporary isolation, sacrificed some sleep, and shifted time management needs, she supported what he needed to do to change his career trajectory. Mohit practiced the required exam report format, earned ten points by completing the OffSec study materials, and finally scheduled the exam to begin at the usual time of day he began work. On exam day, Mohit used the skills and tools he learned in the bootcamp, managed his time, took notes when working on the boxes, and took plenty of breaks. With the ten grace points he earned, Mohit passed the OSCP the first time. Now, Mohit and his wife enjoy the benefits that his passing the OSCP made possible: living in a house that they can afford and Mohit working a job he enjoys very much.

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