EvolveSec Online | Sept 2023 | J Mo

How I Passed My OSCP Exam: J Mo's Story

Meet J Mo, a web application penetration tester for Evolve Security. Initially, J Mo played video games. He admired the hackers in the games he played, so J Mo hacked and botted in many online games. After graduating from the University of Minnesota with a BS in Computer Science, he landed his first job in IT, imaging and deploying many computers. During the following nearly eight years, he worked his way up the ladder and touched a little bit of everything along the way.    

When first preparing for the OSCP (Offensive Security Certified Professional) exam, J Mo researched online. He made his own path and began working through the OffSec curriculum. Over the following year, he studied using a few Udemy courses and virtual machines from the OffSec environment, as well as a variety of other sources (like Hack the Box). Finally, he attempted the OSCP. Even having the book wide open through the exam, he failed. Afterward, he took a break from studying.  

Then, he found the Evolve OSCP Bootcamp. Its live, interactive class structure, led by instructors with industry experience, helped immensely. Their input and methodologies gave J Mo a solid framework for building his way of approaching the lab machines. He and his fellow students collaborated and discussed things outside the class. It helped him think about problems in ways he never had before. After going through the bootcamp, he did the side challenges and labs that Evolve Academy and OffSec provided. He learned cool tricks and, from there, refined his methodology for some of the more challenging things, like Active Directory. On his next attempt, J Mo passed the OSCP.

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