EvolveSec Online | Nov 2022 | Cody Walker

Privilege Escalation: Live Lab Walkthrough with Cody Walker

During this Meetup, veteran and Evolve Academy alum, Cody Walker, walks through a lab demo of Windows Privilege Escalation. After spending almost seven years in the US Army, Cody transitioned to a role in social work before ultimately deciding to progress into the world of cybersecurity. To successfully make this change, he joined Evolve Academy and quickly became a standout student; Cody excelled so much in his cohort that he was asked to stay on with Evolve for an additional year to work as a Teaching Assistant. He is now working as Cyber Threat Analyst for Quadrant Information Security.

Using CyberLAB™, Evolve Security’s proprietary simulation platform, Cody walks attendees through our custom Windows Privilege Escalation lab named Hakuna Matata. This walkthrough takes you from actively scanning the target all the way through multiple common privilege escalation vectors such as 'Insecure Registry Permissions' and 'Vulnerable Startup Programs'. You will learn not only how to perform the privilege escalation, but you will learn the tools and techniques used to find them and others in the wild.