EvolveSec Online | July 2020 | Joe Lothan

Web Scraping with Python: Just the Basics

Web scraping is the process of gathering or “scraping” data from the world wide web. Instead of manually downloading pieces of data one at a time, you can create simple scripts that will collect thousands, millions, or even billions of data points from all over the internet, with the push of a button!

Evolve Security Academy Assistant Instructor, Joe Lothan will walk through basic topics, techniques, and tools to get you started using Python to scrape the web.

Attendees will learn how to use Python to work with web data, and why you would want to in the first place!

About the host:
Joe Lothan is an Evolve Security Academy PRO Winter 2019 alum.
He holds a Bachelor's in Computer Science with past experience in education, digital fabrication, and art. He enjoys honing his skills in Python, GNU/Linux, and teaching. His hobbies include reading Sci-Fi, biking, and doing crossword puzzles.