EvolveSec Online | April 2020 | Chantel Sims

Know Your Enemy: Using Psychology to Strengthen Your Hacking Techniques

Behavioral psychology can help explain why people act the way they do. When working in the cybersecurity industry, learning how to anticipate what a threat actor will do next is the piece of the puzzle that is the most helpful and often the hardest to pin down. Evolve Security instructor and Information Security Analyst, Chantel Sims uses her background in behavioral psychology combined with her technical training in ethical hacking as a tool to understand past malicious behavior to better predict and control future behavior.

About Chantel Sims:

After going through Evolve Security’s bootcamp, Chantel went into the cybersecurity field as a Jr. Information Security Analyst where she monitored and scanned for cyber threats,conducted penetration tests, and strengthened the security posture of her company. Currently she works as an Information Security Analyst and is going through a two year cyber security rotational development program at her company that includes rotating through the red team, secure development team, auditing,and the security technology team. Once her rotation is complete, she hopes to return to red teaming full-time. Because of her passion for the field, she recently teamed up Hack The Box to become an Ambassador for Chicago and will be leading meetups for aspiring ethical hackers and penetration testers and for those already in the field. She enjoys learning all things related to offensive security, exploit development, and building out her home lab.