Classroom to Cybersecurity Professional: My Journey through the Evolve Academy Cybersecurity Bootcamp

Soren Kraus (Guest)
April 11, 2023
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Are you contemplating a career in cybersecurity or seeking avenues to enhance your current skillset? In this blog post, I will share my personal experience participating in the Evolve Academy Cybersecurity Bootcamp and how it played a pivotal role in both securing my interest in cybersecurity and facilitating my transition from my previous job to becoming a cybersecurity professional.

Background and Motivation

My journey began working as a loader at a hardware store. This involved assisting customers in transporting heavy items, ensuring the shelves were stocked, and maintaining a clean, organized store environment. As I continued to explore various career paths, I transitioned into the world of technology and began working as a Fiber Optic Cable Technician. This role required me to install, troubleshoot, and maintain the fiber optic infrastructure critical for high-speed data transmission in datacenters. My experiences in both roles taught me valuable skills in customer service, problem-solving, and attention to detail, which have proved to be invaluable in my pursuit of a career in cybersecurity.

My passion for cybersecurity stems from a deep-rooted desire to help people. Cybersecurity is not just about defending computer networks and systems; it's about safeguarding the lives and privacy of individuals who rely on technology in their daily lives. In a world where technology is rapidly advancing, the importance of cybersecurity cannot be overstated.

The Cybersecurity Class

During my time at Evolve Academy, I embarked on a comprehensive journey that provided me with essential skills to effectively navigate the expanding field of cybersecurity. I gained hands-on experience using industry standard tools and technologies and engaged in realistic cyber scenarios to truly understand the challenges faced by cybersecurity professionals.

The academy’s instructors and teaching assistants provided valuable mentorship, guiding me through the complexities of ethical hacking, network security, and digital forensics. In addition to technical skills, the program also emphasized the importance of soft skills, such as problem-solving, reporting, communication, and teamwork. By the end of the academy, I felt confident and prepared to tackle the world of cybersecurity.

Key Takeaways

Having the opportunity to complete multiple projects covering various aspects of cybersecurity proved invaluable for my professional growth and readiness for a job in the field. These diverse assignments allowed me to gain hands-on experience in different cybersecurity domains, equipping me with a comprehensive understanding of the industry's challenges and best practices. One particularly rewarding experience was conducting a vulnerability assessment and social engineering engagement for a not-for-profit organization, which not only provided real-world context but also enabled me to contribute meaningfully to the community.

By applying the skills and knowledge acquired throughout my time in the academy, I am now better prepared to tackle the complexities and responsibilities associated with a cybersecurity career. Furthermore, the practical experience gained from working on diverse topics and real-life scenarios significantly boosted my confidence, ensuring that I am well-equipped to excel in my new professional role.

Networking and Opportunities

Throughout the duration of Evolve Academy, career coaching sessions and group projects played a crucial role in expanding my professional network. The career coaching sessions provided valuable insights on optimizing my LinkedIn profile, enabling me to showcase my skills and accomplishments effectively, and connect with other cybersecurity professionals. This facilitated interactions with experts in the field, opening doors to new learning experiences and potential job opportunities. Simultaneously, group projects provided a platform for more in-depth collaboration with my peers, cultivating an environment that promoted knowledge sharing and problem-solving. As we navigated challenges together, we built strong relationships that transcended the classroom. These connections not only enriched my learning experience but also laid the groundwork for future collaborations and a robust professional network in the cybersecurity industry.

The Job Transition

It is important to emphasize the ease with which I was able to grasp the concepts of cybersecurity throughout Evolve Academy, thanks in large part to the exceptional professionalism and willingness to help demonstrated by the instructors and teaching assistants. Their dedication to ensuring every student's success created a supportive learning environment that made complex topics more manageable. Their deep knowledge of the subject matter, combined with their ability to provide clear explanations and real-world examples, made it much easier for me to comprehend and apply new concepts. Furthermore, the instructors' openness and genuine interest in each student's progress fostered a culture of open communication and collaboration, allowing me to confidently ask questions, seek clarification, and ultimately build a strong foundation in cybersecurity as I transitioned into my new career field.


In conclusion, the Evolve Academy Cybersecurity Bootcamp played an instrumental role in my successful transition from a traditional work environment to the dynamic and challenging world of cybersecurity. This intensive program not only equipped me with the technical skills and hands-on experience needed to excel in this field, but also helped me develop essential soft skills and a strong professional network that will serve as a foundation for my career growth. The support, guidance, and dedication of the instructors and teaching assistants, alongside the invaluable real-world experiences gained through the program, enabled me to confidently embark on my journey as a cybersecurity professional. For those considering a career in cybersecurity or looking to enhance their current skillset, I cannot recommend the Evolve Academy Cybersecurity Bootcamp highly enough. It has truly been a transformative experience that has paved the way for a fulfilling and rewarding career in an increasingly important and in-demand industry.