February 21, 2022

Aneesa Sobhy Joins as New Lead Instructor

We are very pleased to welcome Aneesa Sobhy as a new Lead Instructor at Evolve Academy. Aneesa brings extensive expertise and enthusiasm to our organization, and is currently teaching our Cybersecurity Bootcamp, as well as providing direction and guidance to our corporate training programs.

Aneesa Sobhy, Lead Instructor at Evolve Academy

“I was intrigued to join Evolve because I knew I’d have the chance to help tech and cyber pros advance their careers as well as welcome newcomers into the field.” explained Aneesa. “Unlike other training programs, we deliver live lectures and hands-on labs to really reinforce concepts. And not only are we providing our students with new knowledge and skillsets, but we’re also instilling confidence, too.”

Extremely active in our industry, Aneesa is the founder of Girls Who Code - Capital Region; is an active conference speaker; and she mentors young women and minorities entering the tech field. Aneesa is an advocate for bridging the gender and minority gaps within the cybersecurity industry.

When it comes to being a cybersecurity training instructor, Aneesa takes a lot of pride in her students’ success. “I am really a proponent of the personalized experience we provide to all or Evolve Academy students,” she explained.

"I can confidently say we do whatever it takes to help them learn very technical skills as well as the soft skills that are so needed to excel in our industry.”

If you would like to consult with Aneesa about cybersecurity training for your company, or if you are prospective Evolve Academy student, link through here to get in touch.

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