December 20, 2021

New Enhancements to Evolve’s OSCP Bootcamp

Beginning with our January 24, 2022 cohort, Evolve Academy's OSCP Bootcamp will be utilizing OffSec’s new Learn One platform to supplement our hands-on penetration testing curriculum and live-instructor led training. Learn One includes an entire year of lab access and Proving Grounds Practice. Another new benefit Evolve Academy is offering through our OSCP Bootcamp and the Learn One subscription is the opportunity for students to take OffSec’s highly demanding OSCP exam twice, with no increase in bootcamp price. Students may also use their Learn One access to pursue additional training and certs beyond the OSCP like the Kali Linux Certified Professional and OffSec Wireless Attacks (PEN-210) Course.    

“We are very pleased to be offering the most affordable and comprehensive training on the market to prepare students for the OSCP exam and to excel as penetration testers,” explained Brandon Keath, Evolve Academy’s Director of Cyber Training. “Our partnership with OffSec continues to grow and they recognize that our program is unique, as we provide a high quality, supportive learning community for both individual students and corporate teams.”

After completing our instructor led, live online 18-week OSCP Bootcamp, participants will be able to:

  • Analyze corporate networks, web applications, and production systems to identify and exploit vulnerabilities 
  • Construct threat models to investigate persistent and emerging cybersecurity threats 
  • Understand the tools and technologies required to deliver a full penetration test of a network and application 
  • Report the results of a penetration test and remediation to decision-makers 
  • Gain the required knowledge to confidently attempt the OSCP certification exam 

Evolve Academy has been an OffSec authorized training partner since 2020, and is one of only two in North America. To learn more about our bootcamp, link through here.

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