EvolveSec Online | May 2023 | Megan Sajweski

From Yoga Instructor to Senior ISO Associate: How Megan Transitioned into a Cybersecurity Career (Audio Only)

Meet Megan Sajewski, a Senior ISO Associate who enjoys helping clients turn security into a strategic advantage within their organization. Day-to-day, Megan conducts interviews with clients from all over the globe that require as many hours as it takes to work through the clauses of the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 27001 and 27002 standards. Beyond the interviews, she helps each organization craft how their company will do things and how they certify against a standard. This includes some longer meetings of compliance called walk-throughs. During these meetings, she looks through what the company already has in place to certify against the ISO standards. As a Senior Associate, she is an individual contributor with more of a mentorship role to answer questions. She focuses more on the technical side of the standards, which she loves.  

Originally in academia, Megan realized she wanted to move away from a professorship in English, Art History, and French. She tried multiple career paths. During a project involving 3D metal printing, she became interested in the technical side of writing and moved into that industry. In addition to technical writing, she worked as an artist and a yoga teacher. When the pandemic hit, technical writing jobs were scarce. Megan had to restructure and found Evolve Security Academy. After one week, Megan “fell in love” with the Evolve bootcamp. While at Evolve, the kindness and community-oriented nature of everyone drew Megan further into the industry. With all the technical things Megan learned, she enjoyed expanding her skillset and working with wonderful people. According to Megan, this combination is a gift of cybersecurity.  

Listen as Megan offers advice for people interested in cybersecurity, including the best way to prepare for the job search.

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