EvolveSec Online | June 2023 | Amy Huang

From Underwriting Assistant to Network Security Analyst: How Amy Transitioned into a Cybersecurity Career

Meet Amy Huang, a Network Security Analyst who enjoys the challenge of the fast-moving cybersecurity industry. Every morning, Amy listens to cybersecurity news to stay current with the incoming challenges facing cybersecurity professionals. At work, Amy watches for anything nefarious in traffic logs so she can further investigate any potential threats. Initially, this industry that she loves was not even on her radar. Amy says she fell in love with cybersecurity because of a podcast she listened to during her previous job as an Underwriting Assistant at an insurance company. Cybersecurity sounded fun and interesting, so Amy began looking for the best place to learn the needed skills. She specifically searched for a place that offered the right support in finding a job in cybersecurity post-graduation. Her search led her to join Evolve Security Academy’s bootcamp.  

Even without any prior experience with technology, Amy learned everything she needed, and gained some experience, at the bootcamp. At the time, during the COVID pandemic, not many companies were hiring for cybersecurity. Evolve hired her as an instructor. She continued applying to blue team positions as she taught. During her job search, Amy networked both in-person and online opportunities. Because of her experience in the Evolve bootcamp, Amy knew how to draw up a contract for cybersecurity assessments. She searched for start-up companies and for not-for-profit organizations to offer a free cybersecurity assessment. This increased both networking as well as the experience side of her resume. Finally, a company called Amy for an interview, and an Evolve alum who worked in the company recommended her to be hired for her first job in cybersecurity. Eventually, another company hired her. Listen as Amy offers advice for people considering a career in cybersecurity, including recommendations for breaking into the industry.

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