EvolveSec Online | June 2023 | Beau Meling

From Process Assistant to Cybersecurity Administrator: How Beau Transitioned into a Cybersecurity Career​

Meet Beau Meling! When COVID hit, Beau shifted from being a stay-at-home dad running his own business to finding a job with Amazon on their robotics board. At work, Beau saw a poster for Evolve Academy on the bulletin board. Amazon had a program through their career choice where Beau could take the Evolve bootcamp, so he decided to learn about cybersecurity. During the bootcamp, he learned the network side of things. Beau also learned enough Linux to understand how he could shift his job at the time. Being a more hands-on learner, Beau created his own home lab from scratch. He used commercial-grade devices to play around with. This reinforced the networking skills he learned in the Evolve virtual labs. That experience prepared him for his current job.  


Currently, Beau is a cybersecurity administrator in an organization that oversees cybersecurity for twelve different companies. Their current projects daily include learning what they need to move the organization’s infrastructure to the cloud. Since they handle some PCI (Payment Card Industry) information, they must follow specific security steps to remain compliant. Along with compliance, they must ensure everything, including the production side of the business, will work normally. After completing these projects, they will have other projects to begin. Beau loves that his job continually changes. Regular research and learning remain necessary. His biggest challenge is managing cybersecurity for twelve companies that follow their own policies. While trying to walk the fine line of making everything work for each company, Beau must have the necessary things in place to keep that company secure.  


From ways to reinforce online learning to ways to stand out in a job interview, listen as Beau offers advice to anyone interested in cybersecurity.

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