EvolveSec Online | March 2023 | Saagar Patel

From Pharmacy Technician to Red Team Manager: How Saagar Transitioned to a Cybersecurity Career

Are you considering a career change? In this webinar, we follow the journey of Saagar Patel, whose passion and dedication have led him to success in his career transition "From Pharmacy Technician to Red Team Manager."

Saagar always had an interest in technology and computers. He was drawn to the intriguing world of "hacking," and constant talks of cybersecurity served as a motivator when considering switching careers. Saagar is currently a Red Team Manager, but his path to cybersecurity wasn't typical.

Before switching to the cyber world, Saagar was a Pharmacy Technician studying for his MCAT. Saagar particularly enjoys the offensive side of cybersecurity, and his first job after the Academy as a Cybersecurity Administrator provided him with deeper insights into internal policies and data security that he recalls regularly in his current position as a Red Team Manager.

Saagar's journey to becoming a Red Team Manager involves learning and growth. His key messages? Go all in. Commit time to practice, learn, and truly understand cybersecurity. The important thing is to take the first step!

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