EvolveSec Online | May 2023 | Rizzie Gale

From Network Admin to Cybersecurity Professional: How Rizzie Transitioned into a Cybersecurity Career

Meet Rizzie Gale! Throughout his career, Rizzie worked up the IT ladder from help desk to network administrator within five years. When working as a network administrator, the company Rizzie worked for did not focus much on security. However, this soon changed when a ransomware attack suddenly hit the company. During the aftermath of the attack, Rizzie and others in IT worked 24/7 shifts to get the organization back online. Finally, after two months, the IT team succeeded in bringing the organization back online.  

Having lost those two months of business, the organization shifted the focus of security to its forefront. In his off-hours, Rizzie volunteered to build the organization's SIEM (Security Incident Event Management system), even though he knew nothing about it. Rizzie's initiative caused the organization to shift Rizzie's position to head their cybersecurity. However, at that point, Rizzie realized he needed some guidance and began to research cybersecurity bootcamps and found Evolve Academy had the best reputation. Rizzie's experience at Evolve gave him the tools to help the organization restructure its business.  

Day to day, Rizzie fills every role of cybersecurity: vulnerability management, cybersecurity management, compliance, and architecture engineering. He also works with their operations group and various managers, trying to adopt a security framework (like NIST 853 and NIST 171) so the organization can implement all of those practices. Rizzie explains that when a ransomware attack hits a business, it damages that brand. Clients and customers doubt the safety of their data. When an organization can show a trustworthy security framework, it shows clients and customers that the organization has learned from their experiences and that the safety of their data remains a priority.  

Listen as Rizzie offers advice to people interested in cybersecurity, including imposter syndrome and his favorite research tool available for anyone to use.

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