EvolveSec Online | April 2023 | Michael Raines

From Auto Mechanic to Cybersecurity Engineer: How Michael Transitioned into a Cybersecurity Career

In this Evolve Academy Cybersecurity Career Webinar, Michael Raines shares his journey and helpful insights about his transition from an auto mechanic to a cybersecurity engineer for Evolve Security.

Michael started, owned, and operated an Auto Mechanic shop at 18 due to his passion for working on cars. After a work accident during the COVID-19 pandemic, Micheal decided it was time for a career transition and started looking into other career fields. He had started looking into coding and programming classes, which came from an interest in learning about computers and technology-related projects. Michael was hooked when he found a video one day during his research that mentioned cybersecurity. Evolve Academy always came out on top after making Excel spreadsheets containing multiple cybersecurity bootcamps, based on price and reviews.

Michael emphasizes, "The material in the bootcamp is amazing, and it's super digestible," and "Personally, my entire life changed." He also stresses the importance of researching and adequately structuring your time.  

Michael's message to everybody is, if you're considering a career change to cybersecurity, "Just jump into it" and "Everybody is always willing to help"!

If you're ready to start a career in cybersecurity, schedule a 10-minute chat with our admissions advisor. Our #1 ranked training will provide you with the expertise, experience, and job preparation you need to succeed. Learn more about Evolve Security Academy's Cybersecurity Bootcamp at www.academy.evolvesecurity.com.