EvolveSec Online | April 2023 | Tyler Mott

From Aquatics Assistant to Cyber Incident Response Engineer: How Tyler Made It in Cybersecurity

Meet Tyler Mott, a Cyber Response Team Engineer. Tyler is part of a team that receives any investigations escalated to them by the company’s SOC team. Day to day, Tyler checks his email to monitor an escalation dashboard in case anything needs the team’s attention. His team works with a lot of third parties. Suppose the team hears about anything involving one of those third parties. In that case, they must communicate with the third party’s security teams to ensure they have resolved all security issues so the organizations can resume doing business with each other.

At first, Tyler wanted to work for the FBI. In pursuit of this career, Tyler completed a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Political Science, interned at a company with U.N. interactions, and passed the exam required. He interviewed as one of three applicants for a position with the FBI, but they chose someone else. After that, he began applying for different jobs. Since his educational studies, Tyler had gone to the same gym. They offered him a job as an Aquatics Assistant, with permission to take off for interviews. When the COVID-19 shutdown happened in 2020, Tyler took advantage of the opportunity to look for a new career path. Cybersecurity seemed the closest fit to his education. He asked his mentors about an education path. His mentors recommended that he contact people in cybersecurity and ask them. All of them suggested doing a bootcamp and self-study instead of another degree. He looked for a bootcamp with a good reputation for their remote program before COVID. That search led him to Evolve Academy.

Listen as Tyler offers input on many topics, including dealing with the feeling that you are not qualified to enter cybersecurity and essential things to remember when approaching an interview.

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