EvolveSec Online | August 2021 | Martin McGovern

Breaking into the Cybersecurity Industry

Curious about jump-starting a career in cybersecurity, but not exactly sure where to begin? Get your questions answered by four highly experienced professionals in the field at Evolve Academy’s “Breaking into the Cybersecurity Industry” MeetUp event!

Hosted by career coach & founder of “Career Therapy” Martin McGovern, we’re bringing together a panel of experts who are excited to share their knowledge and guidance around how to land your next cybersecurity role.

Our esteemed panelists for this event include:

Andrew Dainoff - Project Manager/ Threat Intel at OccamSec
Uzoma Osuagwu, Information Security Specialist at Verizon
Megan Sajewski, Associate Consultant, Cyber Risk Advisory at BARR Advisory
Bronwyn Wilson, Associate Cyber Risk Consultant at BARR Advisory

Whether you are completely new to the industry or already have cybersecurity experience, this panel will be highly beneficial to your job search. Expect to learn:

• The different career paths you can take within the industry and how to prepare for them
• Key actions and skills from our panelists that have made the difference in their job searches
• Expectations around the job search process within the cybersecurity industry

After you hear our panelists’ unique stories and their open discussion about their journey into the cybersecurity industry, you will have the opportunity to ask them questions! This is a great networking opportunity as well, and we look forward to joining us.