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Cybersecurity Bootcamp

Evolve Security Academy have a holistic approach to cybersecurity and business. It is not just hacking as depicted in movies, instead the curriculum is focused on creating a well-rounded graduate. They bring both the business and cybersecurity aspects together, to enrich the business' objectives with security in-mind.

Deon Minnaar
Director of Facilities and IT, High Five Entertainment
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

The instructors and assistant instructors provided a wealth of real world knowledge.  Career counseling enables us start blazing our own trail in cybersecurity with relevant opportunities for careers from networking to resume building.  The learning management system is easy to navigate providing valuable material.  It was a wonderful start to my cybersecurity journey.

Jonathan Chavez
Cybersecurity Apprentice, North America Account Manager, Avast Software
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

Evolve had me interviewing with an employer partner during the program, which lead to me receiving and accepting a security analyst position before the program was even over! Evolve even helped me negotiate tuition reimbursement! They really know how to take care of their students.

Caron Grantham
Network Security Engineer, OnShore Security
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

This is a very immersive learning environment. It started out to be relaxed and had a great intro into cybersecurity. Soon the technicality exponentially increased. I knew this is a real deal. The course covers a vast amount of topics in cybersecurity, provided with labs and assignments to enhance learning outcome. As long as we do the extra research and complete all the tasks we are asked to complete, the course offers valuable knowledge beyond my initial thoughts on Evolve. It really boosts my confidence up as a cybersecurity professional.

Guang-Yo Tzeng
Information Security Specialist, Tulip
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

My favorite part about my experience at Evolve was the professional focus that Evolve provides. Everything we did was related to the cybersecurity industry. The lecture, the labs, and the Meetups with guest instructors gave me more information and knowledge necessary to gain expertise in the cyber security industry.

Victor Fernandez
Cyber Security Analyst, UL
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

My experience at Evolve Security Academy far exceeded my expectations. I applied to the program looking to upgrade my technical knowledge and embark on a new career in cybersecurity. I received everything that I was looking for and so much more than that. From my first interactions with my team to my entire journey at Evolve, I've been deeply impressed by the personable attitude toward me, which has led to the tailored and customized educational program suited specifically to my background and goals.

Nellie Christova
Cybersecurity Analyst, DISA