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Cybersecurity Bootcamp

I couldn't have asked for a more diverse and intimate group setting albeit it was all online, I feel that I have made very close connections with my classmates through this intricate learning process.I feel that this bootcamp is for everyone even if they aren't looking for a job in cybersecurity as this world is changing and our presence online is becoming more and more prevalent. The materials and curriculum is well suited for those who really are looking forward to learning more and expanding their horizons on a new and exciting field.

Gido Park
Sales Representative, Underground Devices
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

Can't say enough about what Evolve provided for me. I had support from not only instructor, but from my cohort and founders, as well. I went from being as green as it gets in the InfoSec space to obtaining a job that is allowing me to achieve my career aspirations. I am forever thankful for what Evolve has provided for me.

Dan Morales
Information Security Consultant, BMO
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

Evolve Security Academy is the best place to study if you want to become a cybersecurity professional. The course work is detailed and challenging making time management skills essential for overall retention and success. Students learn directly from real world professionals who support your journey daily! This is a worthy educational commitment that will change your trajectory towards that of a skilled cybersecurity leader in the making.

Maria Christina Padilla
Cyber Analyst, California State Guard
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

If you're committed to becoming a cybersecurity professional joining Evolve Security Academy is the absolute best choice you can make. The team at Evolve is made up of complete rockstars, and they are there to support you throughout the bootcamp and beyond. Don't be confused, you have to work hard and have the right attitude because the coursework is not easy, but the payoff when you get that first security job is worth it!

Adam Rubenstein
Compliance Specialist, Carbon Black
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

I had a blast! Great group of people, instructors, and awesome curriculum. I learned SO much. Near the end of the cohort I begun to get interviews with zero security experience in my professional background. The value of this program is significant. The career prep is huge and our instructor was awesome.

Anthony Bendas
Service Desk Analyst, Manawa Networks
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

Evolve Security Academy has hands down changed my life! The remote course was delivered in such a way that it felt like we were actually in a live classroom and worked perfectly around a full time work schedule. I landed a job in cybersecurity by networking within the cohort. Attending Evolve’s cyber security bootcamp has been the best investment I have ever made and it changed my life in a matter of months!

Angela Marafino
Program Manager, Microsoft