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Cybersecurity Bootcamp

Evolve Security Academy has been an amazing experience and one that I will never forget. I'm looking forward to breaking into the industry and beginning my career as a cybersecurity professional. The wealth of knowledge that has been put together by Evolve is a fantastic starting point for any beginner, intermediate, or expert in the industry.  

William Tronvig
Network Administrator, Columbia Memorial Hospital
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

My experience at Evolve Security Academy was both gratifying and rewarding. I signed up and started the process of getting into the program 4 months prior to the actual start date and every step along the way, the administration was there to help make the process effortless. The Evolve Security Academy curriculum was created and adapted to my personal needs as I came in with only minimal experience.  As expected, the program was intense and strenuous, but the support given by the instructors and guests speakers helped me understand cybersecurity concepts and mindsets that I would have otherwise not been able to comprehend easily on my own. I highly recommend Evolve Security Academy to everyone who wants to transition into cybersecurity, with or without previous experience!

Iuri Sevciuc
Compliance Coordinator, Mulligan's Manor
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

Evolve Security Academy has hands down changed my life! The remote course was delivered in such a way that it felt like we were actually in a live classroom and worked perfectly around a full time work schedule. I landed a job in cybersecurity by networking within the cohort. Attending Evolve’s cyber security bootcamp has been the best investment I have ever made and it changed my life in a matter of months!

Angela Marafino
Program Manager, Microsoft
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

Evolve Security Academy was more than I expected. It gave me all the tools to grow my career in cybersecurity. After 1 week of completing my LinkedIn profile and resume I've received messages from recruiters frequently!

Jonte Rufus
OSCP Bootcamp

The curriculum was very strong and slowly built up the knowledge without throwing you in the deep end. Going through the course really expanded my knowledge and way of thinking, while also building up my confidence in each of the  topics. The instructors were great. They were always available to help no  matter what time the Slack message was sent. It was a great course, everyone in the cohort supported each other, and we really grew as a class.

Patrick O'Malley
Cybersecurity Engineer, Rise Buildings
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

Shortly after graduating from Evolve, I landed a position as a Security Analyst. Without Evolve showing me the path I would not have been able to land this role. If you are someone looking to change career paths or gain a competitive edge in the job market, invest in yourself as I did and enroll with Evolve.

Edward Villarreal
Security Analyst, Ensono