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Cybersecurity Bootcamp

Evolve had me interviewing with an employer partner during the program, which lead to me receiving and accepting a security analyst position before the program was even over! Evolve even helped me negotiate tuition reimbursement! They really know how to take care of their students.

Caron Grantham
Network Security Engineer, OnShore Security
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

Evolve Security Academy has been the overall best investment I've made in my education. The networking has aligned me with like-minded professionals in the industry and the hands on experience has far surpassed that of my bachelor's degree. I urge anyone interested in navigating the world of cybersecurity to take a look into Evolve.

Alex Piszczek
Cyber Defense Analyst, CME group
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

When you have a passion and know what you want to do, but you are a bit lost, Evolve Security Academy can give you the necessary direction and skills to achieve your goal. It is an intense program, with a lot of fun and amazing instructors that keep you constantly challenged.

Igor Bugaian
Security Operations Analyst, Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

I had very minimal knowledge of the cybersecurity industry coming into this boot camp. After the program, I can say that my knowledge and experience has grown tremendously and I feel much more prepared to begin a long career in the cybersecurity field.

Matthew Bennett
Security Consultant
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

One of the best investments I have ever made in myself. Evolve's technical training methods are very effective and when coupled with an engaged and willing student are a recipe for success. This program takes a lot of work, attention, time, and it has paid dividends to me and my local community.

Joseph Harrison
Owner/Founder, G'HOST Concepts
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

I’m so appreciative of my education at Evolve Security Academy. Not only was every instructor and assistant instructor extremely skilled and knowledgeable, but they also genuinely cared about teaching me the knowledge and skills that I needed to begin my career in the industry. The academy created an environment that was comfortable for people from all levels of cyber knowledge to learn  and grow. All concepts were thoroughly explained and all questions were welcomed and answered. I feel like the academy gave me the hands-on knowledge and industry insight that I definitely needed to make my career transition.

Allison Isaacson
Information Security Analyst, Signode
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

If you're committed to becoming a cybersecurity professional joining Evolve Security Academy is the absolute best choice you can make. The team at Evolve is made up of complete rockstars, and they are there to support you throughout the bootcamp and beyond. Don't be confused, you have to work hard and have the right attitude because the coursework is not easy, but the payoff when you get that first security job is worth it!

Adam Rubenstein
Compliance Specialist, Carbon Black
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

The instructors and content for this bootcamp are excellent. It provides you with hands on cybersecurity experience that would be hard to get on your own or with any other bootcamp. The curriculum flows nicely and starts you out with basic security concepts but over the course of the bootcamp you get into high level security concepts/methods. The instructors did an amazing job at making sure that everyone understood the material and the labs before moving onto the next portion. This bootcamp offers both blue team and red team content which separates it from other bootcamps for cybersecurity.

Andrew Towery
Security Analyst I, Breadcrumb Cybersecurity
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

The curriculum is broad but it provides more than enough information for us to dig deeper on the concepts on our own. Everyone was respectful and professional. Labs were easy to use and instructions were clear. It was a very positive experience overall and I would recommend this bootcamp to anyone who is interested in going into cybersecurity.

Mario Rodriguez
Resident Engineer, Palto Alto Networks
OSCP Bootcamp

Having a clear path, access to learning materials, and consistent support throughout  the process was awesome. Everyone in the class contributed to a fun and open learning environment.

Alex Olsen
Security Manager, Rakuten
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

Evolve was pivotal in providing me with the tools I needed to challenge myself and move into a new field.  It was a well-structured course with excellent instructors, challenging material, and superb post-course support. Without the help of Evolve I certainly wouldn't have been able to land the career I currently enjoy.

Travis Hall
Security Engineer
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

Evolve Security Academy is great investment and experience for anyone wanting to break into the cybersecurity field, the curriculum is a very hands-on approach and encourages you to challenge yourself. You are given the tools, connections, and knowledge that can give you an edge in finding a job and instructors who  are there to guide you and really care about your success.

Kenji Li
Associate Security Engineer, Evolve Security
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

Shortly after graduating from Evolve, I landed a position as a Security Analyst. Without Evolve showing me the path I would not have been able to land this role. If you are someone looking to change career paths or gain a competitive edge in the job market, invest in yourself as I did and enroll with Evolve.

Edward Villarreal
Security Analyst, Ensono
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

The instructors and assistant instructors provided a wealth of real world knowledge.  Career counseling enables us start blazing our own trail in cybersecurity with relevant opportunities for careers from networking to resume building.  The learning management system is easy to navigate providing valuable material.  It was a wonderful start to my cybersecurity journey.

Jonathan Chavez
Cybersecurity Apprentice, North America Account Manager, Avast Software
OSCP Bootcamp

As someone who has taken the first ever Evolve OSCP bootcamp in 2021, I recommend the OSCP bootcamp as an effective preparation tool for the OSCP certification. The course reinforced a diverse range of topics that are critical for success in the OSCP exam, including network reconnaissance, web application attacks, privilege escalation, and buffer overflows. I found the instructor to be knowledgeable, experienced, and supportive, providing one-on-one mentoring and guidance throughout the course. The Evolve OSCP bootcamp also provided me with additional scenarios and exercises, which helped me develop my methodology, problem-solving skills, and critical thinking, necessary to pass the OSCP exam.

Candido Lopez
Penetration Tester, Synack Red Team
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

This is a very immersive learning environment. It started out to be relaxed and had a great intro into cybersecurity. Soon the technicality exponentially increased. I knew this is a real deal. The course covers a vast amount of topics in cybersecurity, provided with labs and assignments to enhance learning outcome. As long as we do the extra research and complete all the tasks we are asked to complete, the course offers valuable knowledge beyond my initial thoughts on Evolve. It really boosts my confidence up as a cybersecurity professional.

Guang-Yo Tzeng
Information Security Specialist, Tulip
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

Evolve Security Academy is the most encompassing and in-depth cybersecurity bootcamp available. The instructors cared and were helpful with all aspects of the class, including helping you find your passion. After years of many different vocations, I was critical if I would be able to succeed with a limited IT background; however, the class material along with pre-work proved otherwise.

Christopher Cooke
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

Evolve Security Academy has been an amazing experience and one that I will never forget. I'm looking forward to breaking into the industry and beginning my career as a cybersecurity professional. The wealth of knowledge that has been put together by Evolve is a fantastic starting point for any beginner, intermediate, or expert in the industry.  

William Tronvig
Network Administrator, Columbia Memorial Hospital
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

Evolve Security Academy has provided me the tools and mentorship needed to be successful in the cybersecurity space. Not only did they challenge me to think outside of the box, but to strive for excellence. Thanks to them, I now have the confidence and technical skills needed to tackle any challenge that comes my way.

Patrick Corniea
Security Engineer, Evolve Security
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

I can honestly say that this bootcamp has changed my life. I am a much more motivated person and this experience showed me that I can push myself in ways I didn't know that I could before.

Anthony Caruso
Field Technician, Delta Safety Systems Fire and Security
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

Evolve Security Academy will make sure that you feel supported. The most valuable part of Evolve Security Academy is the strategic, hands-on approach from instructors who work in the field, not just professors. With my certification from Evolve Security Academy and CompTia Security +, I have the confidence I need to explore a new career field.

Aaron Glynn
Database Analyst, The Joffrey Ballet
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

Evolve Security Academy has provided the platform for eager minds to pursue a career in information security by cultivating the knowledge-base and enhancing the technical skills needed to succeed in this robust industry.  Dousing the students in many security domains such network, application, and physical security allows oneself to have a heighten curiosity in an environment that is meant to challenge students for higher growth potential. I highly recommend Evolve Security Academy for not only the experience and knowledge, but for being apart of a movement that changes what employers see as opportunity and potential.

Tajivon Wells
Network Intrusion Analyst, Accenture
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

Evolve Security Academy have a holistic approach to cybersecurity and business. It is not just hacking as depicted in movies, instead the curriculum is focused on creating a well-rounded graduate. They bring both the business and cybersecurity aspects together, to enrich the business' objectives with security in-mind.

Deon Minnaar
Director of Facilities and IT, High Five Entertainment
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

Evolve Security Academy gave me the tools necessary to jump start my career in cybersecurity. The course was truly intense, but incredibly thorough. I not only feel more prepared to pursue a career in security, but also more empowered as a person. Truly a life changing experience.

Keith Fernandez
Associate Security Engineer, TransUnion
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

Honestly one of the best courses I've had the pleasure of taking. I thought most of the labs were well thought out and provided real world scenarios that made sense and helped show how this concept would be used. I also like that most of the assignments gave you enough information to make it difficult, but didn't just give the answers away and made you actually work through the concepts.  

Joe Nicastro
Principal Security Program Manager, Veracode
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

Evolve Security Academy did a great job of preparing me for the basics of the cybersecurity industry. My lead instructor was an exceptional instructor. The depth and variety of the labs were challenging and fast-paced. We covered a lot of ground in a very short period of time. The career coaching component of the Academy was enormously helpful, as was the collegiality of the other students. I was able to pass Security + one month after finishing the class. Around one month after that, I was offered an internship.

Andrew Dainoff
Security Intern, Occam Sec
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

Evolve Security Academy was a fantastic way to start my cybersecurity career.  Before this class, I had never worked with virtualization or Linux, and I did both in my first week!  I enjoyed learning the wide range of foundational topics and applying everything we learned in a real assessment with a local charter school.  The instructors love teaching and cybersecurity, and they were truly invested in my success.  The bootcamp can be tough, as it should be, but it was very rewarding.  Finally, I loved the fun and close relationships I developed with my fellow cohort classmates.  No better way to start than with enthusiastic and motivated friends.

Josh Ma
Cybersecurity Risk Analyst, Southern California Edison (SCE)
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

This was a life changing experience for me and because of Evolve Security Academy I will be returning to college for my BS in Cyber Security and also learning Digital Forensic.

Lionel Thomas
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

Evolve Security Academy helped me transition into the cybersecurity space. The curriculum and labs are very comprehensive and touch on challenging areas that are in high demand. You also get to work on real projects that prepare you for a career in cybersecurity. The remote cohort is structured to mimic in-person learning and the environment at Evolve is very collaborative, consisting of teams from diverse backgrounds. Evolve is big on career preparation and the instructors are always available to provide the necessary guidance. I learned a lot and was able to land a job in cybersecurity before the end of the cohort.

Uzoma Osuagwu
Security Risk Analyst II, Verizon
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

Evolve Security Academy was very helpful in every step of the process from learning to job placement. The curriculum and projects supplemented my college education and really prepared me for the industry. Moreover, the networking opportunities it provided has been instrumental during the job search. I believe my time at Evolve has equipped me with necessary skills and confidence for a career in cybersecurity.

Oak Latt
Cyber Security Analyst, Discover Financial Services
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

The class gave you a sense of community within the cybersecurity industry, and it allows you to feel like you are involved in the security community regardless of if you're new to security or if you're coming from a different industry.  

Alec Andringa
Cybersecurity Account Executive, Trustwave
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

The best hands-on experience you can get are the labs. I was able to learn a handful of valuable professional tools used in the industry. Pleased by the opportunity to meet notorious professionals in the industry and having the chance to talk to them in person. What a great experience! Learning environment was great, trainers super helpful and friendly. Career preparation is very thorough, it builds up confidence and self esteem. I was lucky enough to be a part of greatest co-hort ever! I'm going to miss this days spent together.

Ilie Stefanita
IT Security Analyst, Matthews International
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

Evolve Academy helped me understand why security is so important in this day and age. I've learned more in the past 4 months than I have in my entire life. As hard as it has been, it has been equally rewarding completing the bootcamp. The labs are very interesting and also very hands on which was a big factor in gaining real world experience.  I was able to land a job about a month after the class ended. This program quite literally changed my life.

Joshua Raju
Network Security Analyst, Motorola Solutions
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

My experience at Evolve Security Academy was great. The bootcamp was an awesome experience that covered a wide range of security topics and vectors throughout the four months of material. It is easily the most important step I have taken in order to begin my security career. The instructors were great as well. My lead instructor had a wealth of knowledge and experience in the security as a part of important government agencies and was always great about sharing from his experiences and discussing topics students were interested in.

Harrison Yates
Information Technology Help Desk Technician, BCM Global Technologies
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

The diversity of backgrounds among my classmates brought with it many interesting perspectives and always helped to cultivate an engaging discussion. Evolve is the top choice for anyone looking to break into the Cyber Security field.

Matthew Fries
Security Business Analyst Consultant
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

Attending Evolve Security Academy bootcamp is one of the best decisions I've made in my career. I had a technical background but wanted to really focus on cybersecurity. The program was not a piece of cake but with enough determination, patience and with the help of the knowledgeable instructors, I can proudly say that I've done it. The modules were well thought of and classes were presented in a professional manner every session. I especially like the breakroom activities that gives us opportunity to work together in small teams to analyze and solve different tasks. Career coaching is also another strength of this program. Not only are students trained technically but they also guided us on how to present ourselves in the market and prepare for job hunting. Overall, Evolve Security Academy has really done a great job exposing students with knowledge of the real world scenarios and possible solution relating to cybersecurity.

Ma Leonora Penilla
Business Advisory Services Consultant, RubinBrown
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

I'm still in awe of how much information I've taken in and applied towards gaining my Security+ and even landed a job before the program  ended. I was constantly challenged, I grew, and I had fun! I'm walking away feeling proud and thankful to Evolve for the experience. 

Chantel Sims
Junior Information Security Analyst, Vail Systems
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

Taking your first steps into a new career path can be a little overwhelming. Evolve Security Academy provided me the knowledge and strategy to explore that career path with confidence. The program is powered by people who are passionate about security, and it shows as you advance through the curriculum. Evolve Security Academy is one of my best personal investments and a valuable asset for any aspiring security professional.

Juan Munoz
Security Operations Engineer, iManage
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

Evolve gave me the tools I needed to find out what I wanted to do in the field of Security. What stands out to companies is the commitment you put to complete this 17 week course. In the end, joining Evolve paid off and I was able to get into the field as a Security Administrator.

Jamal Salameh
Security Administrator, Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

The way the curriculum was organized and taught was top-tier. The resources provided for learning, such as the virtual machines helped save resources on my pc and allowed me to reinforce what I was learning in a safe environment. I came into this program with some experience in IT, and what amazed me the most was when the program was over, seeing my fellow classmates, who didn't come in with experience, speak in depth about cybersecurity. I recommend this program if cybersecurity is your field of choice.

Emilio Gonzales Olguin
SOC Analyst Lead, Tyto Athene
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

This is by far the most valuable single course I've ever gone through, purely due to the value of the material we were taught. It is heavily reliant on giving its students hands-on experience with system and security tools. By the time I was done, I was answering questions in job interviews that the interviewers told me they would only expect a person with years of experience to answer.

David Kordesh
Information Technology Support Specialist, 1st Source Bank
OSCP Bootcamp

The curriculum was very strong and slowly built up the knowledge without throwing you in the deep end. Going through the course really expanded my knowledge and way of thinking, while also building up my confidence in each of the  topics. The instructors were great. They were always available to help no  matter what time the Slack message was sent. It was a great course, everyone in the cohort supported each other, and we really grew as a class.

Patrick O'Malley
Cybersecurity Engineer, Rise Buildings
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

The technical side of the bootcamp, combined with the career coaching portion, have given me an incredible amount of knowledge that it would have taken me years to amass on my own. I am so happy I decided to join Evolve. It was the best pandemic decision I made! (In fact, I've already recommended the bootcamp to one or two people who are looking for a new career direction!)

Courtney Howell
Technical Support Engineer, Rapid7
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

My experience at Evolve Security Academy was both gratifying and rewarding. I signed up and started the process of getting into the program 4 months prior to the actual start date and every step along the way, the administration was there to help make the process effortless. The Evolve Security Academy curriculum was created and adapted to my personal needs as I came in with only minimal experience.  As expected, the program was intense and strenuous, but the support given by the instructors and guests speakers helped me understand cybersecurity concepts and mindsets that I would have otherwise not been able to comprehend easily on my own. I highly recommend Evolve Security Academy to everyone who wants to transition into cybersecurity, with or without previous experience!

Iuri Sevciuc
Compliance Coordinator, Mulligan's Manor
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

Going through the Evolve bootcamp gave me a lot of the skills I needed to be competitive in the job market. The course is intense and very fast-paced, but incredibly rewarding once you are finished. I highly recommend this bootcamp to anyone thinking about a career in cybersecurity!

Andrew Wrobel
IT Security Auditor, BAI Security
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

Evolve Security Academy was an amazing experience that no other school has ever offered. The teachers were absolutely incredible and the curriculum was a perfect challenge. With access to different career coaches and alumni, finding a job was made a lot less stressful. I have now created new friends that will last a lifetime thanks to evolve.

John Brennan
Threat Operations Analyst, Huntress
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

My favorite part about my experience at Evolve was the professional focus that Evolve provides. Everything we did was related to the cybersecurity industry. The lecture, the labs, and the Meetups with guest instructors gave me more information and knowledge necessary to gain expertise in the cyber security industry.

Victor Fernandez
Cyber Security Analyst, UL
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

After completing this bootcamp, I received several job offers both because of Evolve's reach-out as well as my own job search. I'm happy to have achieved my "dream job" because of Evolve, but I'm just as happy about the group of friends and colleagues that I've gained in my cohort as well as among Evolve's highly engaged staff.

Patrik Maldre
Sr. Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst, FireEye
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

I came in with next to zero info sec knowledge/experience and I've left feeling that I'm overqualified for the role I originally wanted. Thank you for the knowledge!!!

Ian Schlesinger
Technical Support Engineer, Box
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

Evolve Security Academy has hands down changed my life! The remote course was delivered in such a way that it felt like we were actually in a live classroom and worked perfectly around a full time work schedule. I landed a job in cybersecurity by networking within the cohort. Attending Evolve’s cyber security bootcamp has been the best investment I have ever made and it changed my life in a matter of months!

Angela Marafino
Program Manager, Microsoft
OSCP Bootcamp

I thoroughly enjoyed my time learning with the Evolve Academy. The OSCP was the second bootcamp I have done with Evolve and I would never hesitate to do another!

Derek Dunbar
IT Security Analyst, Michigan State University
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

Evolve Security Academy is the best place to study if you want to become a cybersecurity professional. The course work is detailed and challenging making time management skills essential for overall retention and success. Students learn directly from real world professionals who support your journey daily! This is a worthy educational commitment that will change your trajectory towards that of a skilled cybersecurity leader in the making.

Maria Christina Padilla
Cyber Analyst, California State Guard
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

My experience at Evolve Security Academy far exceeded my expectations. I applied to the program looking to upgrade my technical knowledge and embark on a new career in cybersecurity. I received everything that I was looking for and so much more than that. From my first interactions with my team to my entire journey at Evolve, I've been deeply impressed by the personable attitude toward me, which has led to the tailored and customized educational program suited specifically to my background and goals.

Nellie Christova
Cybersecurity Analyst, DISA
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

Evolve Security Academy was more than I expected. It gave me all the tools to grow my career in cybersecurity. After 1 week of completing my LinkedIn profile and resume I've received messages from recruiters frequently!

Jonte Rufus
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

I had a blast! Great group of people, instructors, and awesome curriculum. I learned SO much. Near the end of the cohort I begun to get interviews with zero security experience in my professional background. The value of this program is significant. The career prep is huge and our instructor was awesome.

Anthony Bendas
Service Desk Analyst, Manawa Networks
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

Evolve Security Academy made it possible for me to shift from a completely unrelated field (nonprofit management) to cybersecurity. The labs, instructor team, and real-world assessment project gave me a great foundation. I'm looking forward to building on that in my new role as a security assessment specialist.

Diyana Mendoza-Price
Security Assessment Specialist, CDW
OSCP Bootcamp

The cohort is fully organized with the OSCP curriculum, so there is no need to refer back to the OSCP labs and Cyerlab labs. The instructors are very helpful and clear every doubt. The final mock exam I experienced was like a real OSCP exam and I learned where I was stuck in the exam and needed to practice by referring to video recordings.

Ramesh Sammengi
Security Consultant, Infosys
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

I had a really good experience with this cohort. I learned a lot of material. Being in a bootcamp, it can be overwhelming at times, but you don't even realize how much you're actually learning until you're practicing or telling someone about it. It can be so helpful in advancing your career, no matter what your educational background is.

Brandon Areizaga
Application Support Analyst
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

Can't say enough about what Evolve provided for me. I had support from not only instructor, but from my cohort and founders, as well. I went from being as green as it gets in the InfoSec space to obtaining a job that is allowing me to achieve my career aspirations. I am forever thankful for what Evolve has provided for me.

Dan Morales
Information Security Consultant, BMO
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

This program has taught me far more about the information security industry and my place within it than my numerous years studying cybersecurity at University. Under the guidance and tutelage of experienced mentors who have spent many years honing themselves in their respective niches within the industry, we as a cohort developed strong bonds, practical experience and confidence in our craft which personally served me well in succeeding in my job search in the latter half of the bootcamp. Without Evolve Security Academy and my colleagues who supported me from day one of the bootcamp, I would have never imagined myself being able to converse with industry professionals on the scale and level that I do now.

Ryan Franzen
Cyber Security Graduate (Security-Specialist Networking & Information Technology), Telstra
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

I couldn't have asked for a more diverse and intimate group setting albeit it was all online, I feel that I have made very close connections with my classmates through this intricate learning process.I feel that this bootcamp is for everyone even if they aren't looking for a job in cybersecurity as this world is changing and our presence online is becoming more and more prevalent. The materials and curriculum is well suited for those who really are looking forward to learning more and expanding their horizons on a new and exciting field.

Gido Park
Sales Representative, Underground Devices
Cybersecurity Bootcamp

Evolve Security Academy has provided a significant amount of experience and exposure to topics that are not normally touched on in introductory cybersecurity training. We have learned how to use Python, Splunk, Web Application Pen Testing tools, and so much more. You will not receive a similar variety of training in other courses offered out there.

Robert Searcy
System Engineer 1 - Technical Supervisor, Entara