October 14, 2021

Cybersecurity Bootcamp for Veterans: Learn More at VetSecCon 2021!

Offering cybersecurity bootcamps for veterans has been a goal since our company’s founding, and we are proud to be participants of the third annual, all-virtual convention VetSecCon 2021, October 28-30, 2021. This event, hosted by VetSec, Inc. will feature key speakers from across the information security industry as well as experts in areas such as navigating Veterans Affairs benefits claims and issues facing the human side of information security. VetSec, Inc’s Motto is: “A world where no veteran pursuing information security goes unemployed.”

Evolve Academy instructor Brandon Benjamin will speak to veterans at the conference on October 29th at 12:00pm EST, sharing his insights about how graduating from cybersecurity bootcamp changed his outlook and post-military career. “Finding a structured, yet flexible program to help me transition from a military and law enforcement background to cybersecurity has been a huge life changer for me,” explains Brandon. “I’m really looking forward to sharing my journey and hopefully a little inspiration with fellow veterans at VetSecCon.”

In addition, Evolve Academy’s Edward Hartmann will demonstrate the features of our proprietary CyberLab™ learning platform.

This year, VetSecCon will feature three tracks.

  • Track one aims directly at military members readying for their transition.  This track will include speakers on job interviews, resume writing, LinkedIn networking, navigating veterans' benefits, and educational benefits.
  • Track two is all InfoSec skills. Featuring speakers from VetSec as well as industry leaders, this track will include entry-level information security discussions as well as highly specialized talks on skills regarding Information Security. 
  • Track three is the human aspect of information security.  Featuring talks on different issues in humanity and how infosec professionals can make a difference, this track aims to educate its attendees beyond the technical into the philosophical.

Additional features will include a Capture the Flag style competition, a Career Fair for people to receive resume and interview advice with breakouts by recruiters, and a new conference chat for attendees to meet, greet, and network.

To learn more about VetSec, Inc. and to register for VetSecCon 2021, please visit their website.

To learn more about Evolve Academy’s cybersecurity bootcamps, please click here.

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